Toxic Ingestion

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Veterinary Intervention after Your Pet's Toxic Ingestion

Has your pet eaten something questionable? Is he acting unusual? We treat many pets who are suffering from toxic ingestion, and we urge you to get professional care as soon as possible after the event to increase your pet's safety and comfort. We are your Middleville, MI, veterinarian for quality care.  


Signs of Toxic Ingestion:

A pet may show different signs depending on the toxic item ingested. For example, ingesting some things may cause a pet respiratory distress, while others cause gastrointestinal issues. The key is to make sure you watch your pet for abnormal behavior. 

  • Coughing or wheezing — There are many reasons why your pet may have a slight cough. For example, your pet can even have seasonal allergies, just like you. However, there are some hazards that can cause breathing issues in your pet. If your pet shows any respiratory distress, emergency care is warranted to stop the process of the toxin on the body. 
  • Vomiting or gagging — If your pet is vomiting or acting like he has something in his throat, keep an eye on the situation. If these symptoms do not abate soon, seek urgent care for your pet. 
  • Diarrhea — Most pets will get a bout of diarrhea at some point. Best to feed a pet with diarrhea bland rice, pumpkin, and a little of his favorite food until it clears up. If diarrhea does not clear up or it presents in combination with other distress symptoms, it's a good idea to bring your pet to a veterinarian to find out why. 
  • Lethargy — You know your pet. If he's acting unusual, laying down too much, sleeping too much, or acting out of sorts it may be a sign of toxic ingestion. Typically, lethargy will not be an animal's only symptom that something is wrong. 

Things You May Not Know Are Toxic to Pets:

Most people understand that they should keep anti-freeze, prescription medications, and rat poison far out of reach of their pets, but not everyone knows that Christmas Poinsettia plants, chocolate, and chewing gum is also hazardous to pets if consumed by them. The list of items dangerous to pets is updated often, but it is best to keep your pets from chewing or eating anything other than foods that are deemed safe and toys made for them. 

Call Us to Learn More about Toxic Ingestion Risks in Pets

Contact us at Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center to schedule your pet's next appointment with our veterinarian to learn more about items that may be toxic to pets, and to schedule an urgent care appointment if they have eaten something they should not. We serve Middleville, MI, and the surrounding areas with quality care for your pet. Call today, (269) 795-3347.

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