Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Tips From the Experts

Practicing good pet grooming is essential, not just to keep your dog or cat looking their best but it is also an important part of their overall health and well-being. From a veterinary viewpoint, grooming is essential because several conditions can affect your pet’s health that involves the condition of their fur and skin.


Tips for Pet Grooming

At Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center of Middleville, MI, we wanted to share some pet grooming tips to help you keep your furry family member happy and healthy for years to come.

Use the right brush: Not all grooming brushes are the same. You want to find one that is right for your dog or cat’s type of fur. Short-hair cats need a different brush than long-hair breeds. If you have a breed of dog that has an undercoat or that sheds winter fur in the summer, special brushes can help you brush away that fur safely and easily.


Brush on the right schedule: A quick daily brushing is usually a good idea for any dog or cat. However, some breeds need more frequent deep brushing sessions. Cat breeds such as Himalayan and other longhairs and dogs with a lot of fur like the Chows and St Bernards will need more regular brushing to keep their fur and skin clean and pest free.


Keep the fur trimmed the right way: Most cats don’t need their fur trimmed but many dog breeds need frequent help to keep their coats clean and healthy. Overgrown coats are hot, heavy, and harbor pests and insects. Keeping your dog’s fur the right length will ensure they stay healthy, comfortable, and it will help fight fleas, ticks, and other pests.


Do more than checking the fur: Grooming is about more than your dog or cat’s fur. You will also want to take the time to check their skin. Be sure to check your pet’s nails as they might need a trim which will not only save your furniture, it also helps prevent your pet from accidentally scratching itself. Look for signs of bites or rashes as well as look for signs of dry or itchy skin. Grooming time is a perfect time to make sure your pet is not suffering from any allergies or annoying pests.

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