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The Importance of Annual Exams from Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center

Owning a pet comes with major responsibilities. Like people, animals need to take regular trips to the doctor as well and as such, we recommend an annual wellness exam for your furry friend. This exam is similar to the physical that people have with their own doctors once per year. This annual exam is an important opportunity for the veterinarian to ensure that each animal is healthy. Furthermore, these visits also allow the pet owners to ask questions. The dedicated team from Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center is here to provide everyone in the Middleville area, access to quality veterinarian care.


A Detailed Physical Exam 

At this visit, the veterinarian is going to perform a detailed physical exam on the pet. The vet is going to take a look at every part of the pet’s body looking for any abnormalities that may have developed. Sometimes, a pet has problems with hair growth, growth underneath the skin, or issues related to the strength or range of motion of their various limbs. Often, a physical exam will catch some of these issues. Hopefully, there will not be any abnormalities noted and a pet will be given a clean bill of health.

Updated Shots

One of the most important parts of receiving vet care is going to include shots. All animals need to be updated on their vaccinations. These vaccinations are important because they prepare the immune system to face deadly diseases. Some of the shots that pets might be given include rabies vaccinations, kennel cough prevention, and others. These are serious illnesses that can impact not only the animal but also other animals in the home as well as people. Every once in a while, the immune system might start to wane and require a booster shot. This is why an annual exam with a veterinarian is so important.

Lab Work

At some visits, laboratory work may be required. These are blood and urine tests that take a look at the function of the pets' various organs. These tests are performed on a routine basis and each one will be discussed in detail with a pet owner before they proceed.

Trust the Team From Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center

These are a few of the important activities that take place at an annual wellness exam for pets. If it’s about time for a check-up for your furry friend and you are in the Middleville area, call us today at Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center. We are here to provide exceptional pet care and comfort to keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come.

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