Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding at Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center

If you are taking a trip, you will need to ensure your cat or dog receives proper care while you are gone. You can ask a friend or family member to stop by to ensure your pet has food and water. You can also have someone walk your dog. Unfortunately, this isn't the best option. Your pet will become stressed when you are away, and if they are left alone, they can become lonely and depressed and even become destructive. If you are planning a trip, pet boarding is your best option. Our professionals at Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center provide boarding services, and there are several benefits of boarding your pet here while you are away.

Pet Boarding

Your Pet Won't Be Left Alone

When you bring your pet to our boarding facility, you won't need to worry about him or her being alone. In fact, your pet will get more attention than he or she would if just a friend or neighbor stopped by. Our staff will spend time with your pet, and your animal will have a chance to socialize with other pets at the facility.

Regular Feeding and Walking Schedule

At our professional facility, we will ensure your pet maintains a proper feeding and walking schedule while he or she is in our care. Your pet will already be stressed out because you are gone, so schedule inconsistencies will make them feel worse. When you board your pet, he or she will be on a strict feeding and exercise schedule, which will help alleviate some of the stress.


If your pet takes daily medication, our boarding facility staff will administer it every day at the scheduled time. However, if you trust a friend or family member to look in on your pet, they might not get their medication on schedule, making it less effective.

Emergency Care

If you have a friend or family member check in on your pet, they might not be there if your pet is sick or injured. As a result, it could be hours before your pet receives the emergency care he or she needs. If you bring your pet to our boarding facility, there will be an on-site veterinarian who can treat your pet quickly, which could essentially save his or her life.

Peace Of Mind

The best reason to bring your pet to a boarding facility is the peace of mind that it provides. You won't be able to have fun during your trip if you are worried that your pet isn't being properly cared for. When you bring your pet to our boarding facility, you can be sure that he or she is being cared for by a professional staff. Your pet will have access to companionship and time to socialize with other pets. You can be sure that our team will take good care of your pet.

Contact Our Animal Clinic for Pet Boarding for Your Dog or Cat in Middleville

If you are planning to travel and want to board your pet, contact us at Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center in Middleville. We will care for your pet and ensure he or she is happy and healthy. If your pet needs medical assistance, they can see our veterinarian at our animal clinic. To book your pet's stay, give us a call today.

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