Pet Dental Care

Just as it is important for humans to visit the dentist, it is also important to care for your pet's teeth. Dental issues can not only be painful but can also be tied to a variety of other health problems. The best place to start with pet dental care is to practice good hygiene at home and come in for regular dental exams at Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center in Middleville.


Wellness Exams Include a Dental Check-up

When you bring your pet in for its annual wellness exam, we will administer a thorough dental examination. When our veterinarian peeks in your pet's mouth, we will take a look at the condition of the teeth and gums and keep an eye out for any other problems. If there is anything of concern, the veterinarian may recommend taking x-rays to see beneath the gum line. We may also recommend cleaning, adjusting, filing, or other repairs as needed.

A few pet dental problems commonly found in our patients include periodontal disease, a broken jaw, broken teeth or roots, defects of the palate, cysts or tumors, misaligned teeth, infected teeth, and abscesses. Most dental procedures are done under anesthesia. This helps to keep your pet and our staff safe. We will create a detailed plan for treatment if any problems are detected.

Good Oral Health Begins at Home

It is not enough to rely on our annual exam to keep your pet's mouth healthy. It is important to care for your animal's teeth at home and also watch for any warning signs of trouble or discomfort. Brushing your pet's teeth regularly is important and can reduce the need for dental cleanings in our office. This practice is easiest to start when a pet is very young but can be introduced carefully later on. Talk to our staff for some pointers. We can also recommend other products and practices to take care of your pet's teeth at home.

Contact us right away if you notice any signs of distress in your pet's mouth. These warning signs include bleeding, swelling, broken or lose teeth, excessive drooling, difficulties eating, a reduced appetite, bad breath, discolored teeth, extra teeth, or never losing your pet’s baby teeth. When a pet is dealing with dental problems, it can become irritated. Use caution when trying to look in the animal’s mouth and also let us know if you see any behavioral changes.

Professional Pet Dental Care in Middleville, MI

Call our team at Thornapple Veterinary Medical Center today at (269) 795-3347 to schedule your pet’s next wellness exam or a dental check-up. With proper dental care, your pet will keep smiling for years to come.

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